We're working to reduce the global epidemic of cardiovascular disease.

While cardiovascular disease and stroke are largely preventable, they remain a global epidemic and the major cause of death worldwide.

Recognizing that nurses and nursing organizations are on the front lines of patient education, the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum works to engage and mobilize an international community of nursing leaders to promote prevention through research, education, policy and advocacy.


A Global Focus on Prevention

12 million nurses, a commitment to prevention and a goal to reduce death and disability from CVD by 25% in 2025.

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The Cardiovascular Nursing Certificate is a first-in-class global certificate program designed to strengthen professional knowledge, competence, and confidence relative to cardiovascular nursing roles and practice.

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The GCNLF Patient Education Library serves as a resource for nurses and other health providers working on the front lines to provide patient education all around the world.

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